Surgical Procedures and X-Ray Services

Give your dog or cat the best care possible by bringing them to Caldwell Veterinary Hospital, LLC. Since Caldwell Veterinary Hospital, LLC's opening in 2007, our staff has been providing quality surgical procedures that your pet needs. We are a family-oriented practice that treats every patient as our own.

If your pet has been injured or has been getting sick, bring them in today for a thorough examination. If surgery is needed, we will give your pet the care and attention they need to get better and get back to their active life.

Radiology services for dogs and cats

X-rays can be used to find injuries that your pet has sustained or assist in proper dental care. We will use radiology to determine whether surgery is needed in some circumstances.


Get routine surgeries for your pet

  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Orthopedics
  • Soft tissue


Ultrasounds are available

Caldwell Veterinary Hospital, LLC has ultrasound machines available to get a better look at any potential problems your pet may be experiencing. Appointments need to be made for the ultrasound, so please contact us to schedule today.

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